Tai Chi

Who can do Tai Chi?
Tai Chi can be done by people of all ages and at all levels of fitness. It is absorbing but not exhausting or stressful. There is no need for special equipment or clothing, just wear something loose and comfortable and socks or flat, soft soled shoes.

Lam Style Tai Chi
With over 40 years experience in the Chinese healing arts Master Lam Kam Chuen has developed two Tai Chi Forms, The Small Circle Form that encapsulates all the fundamentals of

the art of Tai Chi Chuan,

and the Lam Traditional

Form for those who

wish to investigate this

art to a deeper level.

The Chinese exercise system of Tai Chi Chuan, was developed about 500 years ago, though the philosophy behind it can be traced back a further 1,500 years at least. Based on the Daoist principles of balance and harmony, Tai Chi’s gentle flowing movements, and natural breathing, have evolved into one of the most effective exercise routines. 

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai Chi’s healing power has been used for many disorders, including heart and circulation problems, addictions, arthritis, muscular injuries, asthma and nervous disturbances. Recent research has shown a correlation between the practice of Tai Chi and the enhancement of the immune system and a marked reduction in the incidences of falls in older people.
       With regular practice, Tai Chi develops stamina, strength and flexibility. The tensions that are so common today are released, allowing the body to perform as it should, breathing deepens and circulation, digestion, posture and balance all improve. 
As Tai Chi is a weight-bearing exercise,

it helps maintain bone density and can check the on-set osteoporosis. 
       Tai Chi is ideal to rebuild health and is a proven antidote to stress, 
it will relax both the mind and the body and lift the spirit, improving both physical and mental health.

Lam Style Tai Chi